The Heart Behind The Smile

Author: Erika Canizales


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Two years ago, I began to document my thoughts and feelings on paper. Topics such as mental health, addiction, abuse, sexual assault, and psychosis are present throughout this book. This book represents my mental health journey and recovery process in addiction in a series of poems and journal entries. Eventually, I got the help and support I needed from others. By publishing this book I hope it reaches those who are struggling with their mental health and addiction.

My name is Erika Canizales and I live in Avondale, Arizona. I’m studying at Grand Canyon University for a Psychology major. I hope to get my masters in psychology and pursue a career in social work. Writing is my favorite thing to do because it helps me process my emotions better and it’s always something to look back on. I began to journal in 2020, which is where I would track my mental health progress and recovery. I eventually went to rehab and psych wards when writing wasn’t enough. In rehab and the psych wards I visited I was able to get the help I needed and eventually got a diagnosis of Bi-Polar disorder. Writing this book has helped me understand my feelings and progress in recovery, I hope others will read it and feel the same. I want to pursue a career that will help others. By publishing this book I hope to become a voice for those struggling with their mental health and addiction.

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Pages: 96 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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