Author: William Benton


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His passion is writing. He strives to build a new thriving universe into the comic world. With countless hours of hard work and dedication his inspiration grows deep in the love of his creations. He aspires to be one of the greats. "A world created by love from the creator, is a world where love can be extraordinary." The writer dreams of upholding his deep dreams from above with the hopes of touching the hearts of readers everywhere. "Striving to become a comic great is no easy task, but a task worth trying."

Eighteen year old, Anjel Stilo graduated high school at the top of his class. He faces danger when he realizes that his father lost his mother's gem to the Smithsonian museum. Anjel decides to take the matter into his own hands in order to get the gem back because that is all that is left of his mother's legacy who disappeared when he was born. He does not know the truth due to his father hiding secrets all along. Now knowing what’s right, he must save what was taken from him in the beginning. Knowing now that the gem is causing innocent lives to be in danger he must restore everything by stopping those he once trusted. Will he be able to make things right again? Even after finding out the truth?

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Pages: 32

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novel


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