to whom my heart belongs

Author: KMJ


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'To whom my heart belongs' is a poetry book that I have filled with "love

letters" to my partner who has helped me rediscover my creativity after the

loss of a major loved one in my life. After the long 8.5 month fight with

lung cancer, my Grandmother had lost her fight and I was left shattered. I

had suffered the loss of the most reliable person in my life. I was at a such

a low point that I had just accepted that love and intimacy would forever

be missing from my heart. When I met my partner it was at a time in my

life when I had started acting out and considering behaviors of someone

that was not the best version of myself. The book itself is a series of poems

about my love for him, as well as a newfound love for the person I became

when we met. The purpose of this book was to thank him for helping me

find myself and continue to in the process of learning who I want to be. It

has poems that contain a cheeky lust and a vulnerable love that I've never

felt before. It is filled with poured out secrets of my heart that I didn't even

know existed before him.

What's written inside of this book is more than any fun fact you can learn

about me on the internet. In person, I am considered to be confident as well

as outspoken and assertive with the things that I wish to have. In my book

you will learn that at times I am filled with fearful thoughts on outcomes

about how I choose to conduct myself. I am someone who wisely chooses

their next set of words. You may meet me and consider me to be articulate

and beyond my years. The words you will find in this book may reflect the

opposite as I am learning every day how I wish to present myself. These

words consist of emotions like self-doubt and uncertainty. The lines you

will read will provide insight into the raw relatable yet somehow always

unobtainable truth.


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Black & White

Pages: 70 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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