Head & Heart : A Journey Inward

Author: Izzy Is Real


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This is a book dedicated to growth and the human experience. Creativity is most often found in inspiration, the art of articulating and sharing can only truly be found in vulnerability. This book is a journal of my journey into adulthood. In between each page resides my heart and mind. I hope this gives you something to think about; but more importantly I hope this reminds you that growth is never fully granted without tension and tension is never absent from discomfort.

At the young age of sixteen, my family up and relocated from Charlotte, North Carolina to Portland, Oregon. What was only supposed to be a year in a new city, turned into the foreseeable future. Being the middle of five siblings has allowed me the opportunity to live within tension. My faith background is somewhat typical to that of a Pastor’s kid and thus has taken me on quite the journey throughout my life. This book exposes my wrestlings with that which my faith would consider taboo. God is not organized religion, God is in everyone who has ever lived and in everyone who has ever died. Love is not uniform, love is...

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Black & White

Pages: 110 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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