Ebony's Journal

Ebony's Journal

Author: Charisse Diggins


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Ebony Sei Bellissima (ESB) Mission Statement:

ESB brand purpose will be to empower and inspire optimism, happiness, and encouragement amongst the African American community – to be a light to one another. Our deepest purpose as a business is to help foster healthy mental discernment of self and the people surrounding self in positive ways – to inhabit positive outcomes for years to come.

Ebony’s Journal 

What Is Journaling? Journaling is simply the act of informal writing as a regular practice. Journals take many forms and serve different purposes, some creative some personal. Writers/Individuals keep journals as a place to record thoughts, practice their craft, and catalogue ideas as they occur to them. I encourage and challenge you to look deep into yourself and reflect on your daily life. What inspires you, what was your motivation to complete all tasks that day. Did you have any roadblocks attempting to stop you and how did you overcome these obstacles – which resulted in your persevering.

In closing, I’ve listed a few ways to use this journal:

  • Record milestones on your life journey
  • Capture three things you’re grateful for each day
  • Look into activities that will interest you then write about your adventures
  • Journal your problems/stressors and then write possible solutions
  • Take time to jot down your thoughts and feelings

I challenge you to be Your Best Self Every day! Journal your goals and aspirations and then Make Them Come True!

My name is Charisse Diggins, an African American Native Washingtonian. I am the mother of two beautiful healthy boys - ages ten and twenty-two and recently got married in 2021. I have been working on how to present my brand to the world - and now here it is!!! I decided to create Ebony Sei Bellissima; Ebony's Journal to reach out to my African American Family and provide a safe space for mental health. In my mind the best way to accomplish this was to begin with myself and have self-reflection.

One of the ways to self-reflect is journaling. As I thought back, I began journaling when I was a teenager. I was able to articulate my thoughts and get them down on paper. My grandmother purchased me my very own diary - oh how I loved that light blue diary. I wrote everything in that book; my

thoughts, if it was raining outside, what outfit I was going to wear that day. It did not matter ... I wrote whatever was on my mind. Over time, I noticed how therapeutic journaling became for me. It helped to get everything out my head and on paper, it helped to have meaningful conversation with others, it helped to write when I was upset or happy. Mentally, my mind became free - because I was able to converse with myself first. Understanding my own mental thoughts - it was a huge blessing.

So, presently, I created and developed my own brand "Ebony Sei Bellissima" - which means "Black is Beautiful." With this brand, my vision is to uplift my counterparts. I want women of color to uplift themselves and each other. Be better, do better, have standards. Through journaling, tell yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH and BELIEVE IT!!! In doing so, these positive inspirational thoughts will manifest within yours life.

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Inspiring longevity of loving self

Reading the quotes within Ebony’s Journal has inspired me to make changes in a positive direction. It has helped and allowed my focus to shift from self absorbed to self help. I will continue to write throughout Ebony’s Journal. Thank you! 🙏

by Cecilia

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