After She Loved Him

Author: Miracle G.


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Recovering from the last book, Spilt Wine, now I tap into the growth of accountability of myself and what love really is and feels like. Unfolding unheard words that you want to say but can't say while giving you positive affirmations to kiss your spirit, sending healthy vibes into your mind as you read and also keeping it completely honest with are going to be okay because after you loved him, you grew.

Miracle G is known for being a deep thinking empath that happens to write poem books and television scripts for the love of it. Just like her recent love bounding poem book, these poems impact your thoughts on your true definition of what love really is, not only between you and a partner but in thy self.She speaks peace, positivity, health, spirituality wealth and self-love into the words forming out your mouth as you read. Her main focus is to help every lost soul or broken spirit or even simply a newly reader of books feel like they can too have a voice, love again, breathe again and becoming the new version of themselves.

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Black & White

Pages: 60 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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