Dragon Borne: Enter the Kingdom

Author: James Lawrence Jr.


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Dragon Borne is based on­ two 9th grade boys Michael and John who are from the slums of Houston, TX. During a confrontation with each other, they are warped to another world where they found out they have the souls of two dragons in them. Michael, who is a Blood and a hustler of all things has the Dragons of Fire and Lightning in him. While John, who is just a laidback teen who is just trying to make it in the day to day life has the Dragons of Water and Wind. Jumping from one dimension to the next, the two teens learn to unlock their power and obtain two dragons of their own before being warped back to earth. Being placed in handcu­ffs the experienced almost seemed as if it never happened as they pick up life where they left it.

Finding their way to Provenience—the School for Evols (mutants, wizards, Arcadians or werebeasts, etc.) in their own way they have to learn to balance their regular lives with that of the supernatural. From the streets to Provenience, Michael found new hustles, ways to rank up at school, and goes on missions of all sorts living life as it come. Trying to understand the new world he was dealt with, John must make a decision to remain in the world of man or become one with the divine.

Growing up in the streets of Houston as a teen, I have been through it all and seen it all. From drug dealing, crackheads, gangbanging, all the way to crooked cops. Living my life around nothing but hustlers and gangbangers I delved in and out of the streets hustling, getting high and running through all kinds of women. Watching my family and friends go in and out of jail and going through life and death situations over and over I learned from both my life and those around me. I write books since elementary. I built my own world of magic and fantasy. Incorporating life experiences from the streets, the world, and fantasy I've created a book that dates from my high school years 2007-2011 and my early adult years to make something that is not only entertaining but relatable. I hope you enjoy the first book of this series and the many more to come.

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Pages: 332 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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