Am I Big Enough: The Road to Health and Happiness

Author: Bob Fobian


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Golden Plume Award holding author Bob Fobian takes you through the journey of a foolproof method of “checking your limits” and proving that you can lose the weight for good, reclaim your health and rid yourself of incurable chronic diseases such as Psoriatic Arthritis, chronic Hypertension, and a world of other conditions like this on your way to building good habits on your way to a whole new you! Additionally, there is great insight to career and happiness that is share through experience. What’s a whole new you? Well, let’s find out together…Life can seem really big, sometimes too big to handle. You just have to believe you’re big enough to handle your life, and sometimes you need help.

Bob Fobian is the most driven person in any room. He will also be the most noticed. Bob is loud, obnoxious and funny. There are no direct answers from Bob. There are only sarcastic comments and statements that will either run you off, or, embarrass you, or, make see how fast you can upstage him with a better comeback. Bob is that one friend that you probably shouldn’t invite to your grandmother’s chalet for brunch. As you read Bob’s book, you need to keep that in perspective. Imagine Richard Pryor sitting in a room with Bill Murray and Ross Perot, and that room was inside Bob’s head. That is where this book will take you. Bob is a military veteran, a father, and a grandfather. He has experienced unthinkable loss and found himself dug so deep in a hole that those close to him began to expect “the phone call” from one of his kids with “the news”. But, in a way that only Bob could do, he came out of this terribly dark place with his head on fire with a passion and drive that nobody close to him have ever seen. Read this book. Let Bob teach you how to help you. This book is an amazing story of weight loss, perspectives, and solutions in only a way that Bob can tell them.

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Pages: 138 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Health & Fitness

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