The Door Behind Me

Author: A.J Bozeman


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Kristy Ventura is a teenage girl with the deepest of emotional and psychological problems. From family drama (her mother left her at a young age, and she blames her dad) to constantly starting fights with people, Kristy has a hard time keeping herself in check and out of trouble, and as a result, she lost what she considered her best partner, Violet Wayne. One day, Kristy tries to make up with Violet, but then finds out that Violet was in a completely different part of the globe. From this point, Kristy jumps through a plethora of hoops to get the slightest bit of interaction with Violet. Kristy understands that she must do everything in her limited amount of power to reunite with Violet and get a step closer to repairing her shattered spirit.

This work serves as a debut publication for A.J. Bozeman, an author residing in Minneapolis, MN. A.J. graduated from Hopkins High School in 2019, and was one of two speakers within the ceremony. A.J. is a music lover, ranging from genres such as rap, pop, EDM, indie folk, and house music. A.J. is also a college graduate recently receiving a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in psychology from Metropolitan State University. A.J. has maintained a passion for creative writing from the early age of 12, and this passion was fully realized as he began writing ‘The Door Behind Me’ in June of 2020. A.J. is an avid fan of the 2020 critically acclaimed video game, The Last Of Us Part II, which served as the primary inspiration for this novella.

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Pages: 230 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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