DELSAR : The Champion & The Hero

Author: A.D. Morway


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The Queen is dead. Her country blames the very man who swore to protect her at all costs, the Queen’s Champion. The hate from the people of Ithendar is pushing this Champion deeper into an inescapable darkness as he slowly becomes the very thing he’s accused of being.

With trolls, mercenaries, and political conspiracies all trying to smother the light, a spirited girl escapes her doomed village to find this missing Champion. She believes he’s the only one who can save her village from its fate, but not as the thug he’s become. Though saving her village from its impending destruction weighs heavy on her heart, she first makes it her mission to save this Champion from himself. Unfortunately for Elidria, there are powerful forces who don’t want to see the return of the Champion and make her plans seem impossible. A long sword and her innocence are her weapons-of-choice as she battles both the physical and the emotional.

A.D. Morway received a homeschool education and spent his early years pursuing a serious baseball career. At the age of 19, he was inspired to join the military in order to serve and protect. Shortly after joining the National Guard, he developed an autoimmune disease, ending any possible hope of a military or baseball career. Instead of giving up, Solomon decided to use his love of fictional worlds and his past experiences to pour his heart into a book. He fills his characters with the emotions he has gone through to give them rich, intriguing personalities. Now, residing in Worcester, Massachusetts, Solomon uses his nerdy enjoyment of the adventures from greats like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Maze Runner to bring you his own adventure. He makes it his goal to have you cry, laugh, and feel inspired, all within the same chapter.

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Couldn’t put it down!

I loved how absorbed I became in the characters, the highs and lows—The adventure and swashbuckling fun, together with intrigue and battle scenes. So cool! I can’t wait for the sequel!!

by Katie-Sue

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Pages: 412 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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