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Author: Samantha Bolejack & Leah Kilmer


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The poems in this book we’ve written are meant to inspire you whether you’re in a positive, negative or neutral mind-state. Notice how you can relate the situations and feelings the world brings upon you to the poetic stories in this book and let them empower you. Remember how up, down or in-between you feel the world is always there for you. By recognizing the ups and downs in life and continue your hard work and dedication is what will deliver you happiness and fulfill your dreams.

It was in 2007 when Leah Kilmer had moved to Cheyenne Wyoming from Colorado to have her daughter Samantha Bolejack. During the great moments and struggles of raising and watching Samantha grow to become the young poetic writer she has followed her mother to be. Samantha attended different schools to later learn of her learning disability alongside herself, her talents and her strengths. When she was 12 years old she lost her father, he had passed to heaven. During these difficult and therapeutic times her mother and her started writing inspirational poetry together to empower each other and their selves. After feeling how uplifting these poems were to them and their similar situations, “We wanted our poetry to explore the world to help others like they have inspired us,” is what Leah and Samantha Express while writing this book with one another.

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Pages: 56 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Poetry

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