Automated Era : Co-resident are not taxed

Author: Jingchao Xiong


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The era of automation is not a religion, but it has a god to sing about. It is not political science, but it can build a government and a nation. What's even more amazing is that the common economics it produces is to form an army and redefine the function of the army. Its education allows people to abolish schools of all kinds. "Automation Age" can also allow individuals to give up their property, marriage, parents and children, and pursue the happy life they want alone!

Xiong Jingchao was born in Siyi Homeland in 1972, in the Xiong family, in the Asian Federation. In 2017, he immigrated to the United States, settled in San Francisco, and became a U.S. citizen in 2022. He is the initiator and designer of "San Francisco Bay Area Home". He summed up the rules of human society, the development of any person and society, if he does not follow the rules, no matter what status he achieves and what kind of brilliant appearance he creates, it will be a bubble in the end, disappearing in human history like a passing cloud Get out of nowhere! Therefore, Xiong Jingchao has become the god of rules. According to the laws of human activities and development and changes, he summarizes the rules of human society, so that people can achieve the best growth status, and provide protection for human equality, freedom, and happy life.

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