Earth to God - In The Beginning

Author: David Bastian Marshall


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Johann has never been a religious person, but recently he has been drawn to read the Bible. Climate change concerns him. “Revelations” describes the end of times, but it does not make sense. “Genesis” is a very simple account of the beginning of human existence, but it seems incomplete and inaccurate. Of course, the authors of The Bible did not know as much about Earth and life as we do now. Scientific methods have given us a much more detailed understanding of this existence; it is much more complex than religion portrays.

Johann embarks on a journey to convince people that science and religion should complement one another. Johann believes God is the Master Scientist, Designer and Engineer who created humans with a subset of the same intelligence as Himself. He assigned humans to be stewards of the Earth he created, and now we have the immense responsibility and challenge to clean up the mess we have made. Will scientific discovery and technical advancement be embraced by religion and politics before Earth becomes uninhabitable by humans? Can Johann help convince humans that God is not just religion?

Our minds are a wonderful creation able to learn, ask questions, wonder, ponder and create. The mind is also a very active and busy venue filled with data, alive with thought, aroused by insight that is sourced from Earthly and spiritual entities. Thank you for reading this book, Earth to God: “In the Beginning”

“In the Beginning” is the first book in the Earth to God series. The next book in this series is, Earth to God:

“The New Stewardship”

“The New Stewardship” is filled with more adventure, insights and concepts from

Johann’s Eco-team as they venture beyond Johann’s initial five year plan to influence

humans to be good stewards of all that God has created.

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Pages: 410 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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