Crossing Bridges

Author: Honora Gloria Simon


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In the course of her personal and professional life, author Honora Gloria Simon embarked on a search for greater knowledge of spirituality with a parallel interest in what has been revealed within particle accelerators on the microscopic level. These interests provide a wider understanding of the interdependent connection between all things.

That theme forms the basis for Simons reflections in Here, in the Morning. These verses seek to condense many complex ideas about life, quantum thought, our place in nature, and various relationships. Within their explorations, her poems offer thought-provoking questions and concerns about awareness and the realm of nature. They consider a wide range of topics, such as peace, war, love, time, and meditation. Presenting abstract ideas with clarity and disarming appeal, Dr. Simon has a fresh, unique approach with refreshing, sometimes amusing metaphors.

On Spirituality

How can we know? Where can we find it?

It is as close to us as breathing, yet it is further than the furthermost star.

Its goodness passes before us in the realm of nature, in the varied experience of our lives.

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