Ebony's Journal: Inspirational WellBeing, The DM Zone

Ebony's Journal: Inspirational WellBeing, The DM Zone

Author: Charisse Diggins


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Diabetes & The Black Community (WWW)

Being “Black” in America is a constant struggle. With racism, financial instability, health disparities (especially centered around mental health), there is division amongst primary care for patients of color.

The health concern that this journal will be examining is Diabetes – and Diabetes in the African American Community. This disease has attempted to take hold of our community; has Big Pharma companies pockets exploding and with no end in sight.

As you review this journal and reflect on the positive affirmations, you will discover in-depth knowledge on how to track and log your blood sugar levels, exercising techniques, meal plans, and reminders of meditation efforts for stress levels. Also, you will learn tools to fight the enemy to inhabit a better quality of life.

This is a call to my brothers and sisters of color who fight this battle every day. You can overcome this killer called diabetes; do not feel defeated by the stigmatism of this disease.

United We Will stand against our common enemy “Diabetes”; Solidarity is our Strength, and WE WILL WIN!

My name is Charisse Diggins, an African American Native Washingtonian. I am the mother of two beautiful healthy boys - ages ten and twenty-two and recently got married in 2021. I have been working on how to present my brand to the world - and now here it is I I I I decided to create Ebony Sei Bellissima; Ebony's Journal to reach out to my African American Family and provide a safe space for mental health. In my mind the best way to accomplish this was to begin with myself and have self-reflection.

One of the ways to self-reflect is journaling. As I thought back, I began journaling when I was a teenager. I was able to articulate my thoughts and get them down on paper. My grandmother purchased me my very own diary - oh how I loved that light blue diary. I wrote everything in that book; my thoughts, if it was raining outside, what outfit I was going to wear that day. It did not matter ... I wrote whatever was on my mind. Over time, I noticed how therapeutic journaling became for me. It helped to get everything out my head and on paper, it helped to have meaningful conversation with others, it helped to write when I was upset or happy. Mentally, my mind became free - because I was able to converse with myself first. Understanding my own mental thoughts - it was a huge blessing.

So, presently, I created and developed my own brand "Ebony Sei Bellissima" - which means "Black is Beautiful." With this brand, my vision is to uplift my counterparts. I want women of color to uplift themselves and each other. Be better, do better, have standards. Through journaling, tell yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH and BELIEVE IT!!! In doing so, these positive inspirational thoughts will manifest within yours life.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me... and thank you for your support!

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