Bask in Blood

Author: Ashley Potter


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An orphan unwanted by her father, left by her mother, and was an only child. Bravery and strength is all she knows. She strips herself from emotion, time and time again, so nobody can hurt her. But the angels know that she is only dooming her destiny into place. A war is raging, invisible to the citizens of Acym. They cannot see the war—that will be up for Zenaida to decide. She alone will choose whether humanity deserves to live or perish beneath her hidden fire. But the veil is lifting, and time is running out. Her powers are growing stronger. She must choose which side of herself to be.

I am Ashley Potter. I am very proud of Zenaida. Zenaida is someone I created out of the desire to be strong in the midst of a dark past. The desire to be strong enough to confront the shadows of the past and emerge victorious while keeping the bonds that mean the most. The internal challenges Zenaida faces makes her stronger as she takes a step into the murky waters of her brutal past and not drown inside.

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Pages: 350

Genre: Fiction


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