Callie: The Cat with Nine Eyes

Author: Sharon Schofill


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Callie is a gifted cat tossed into the cruel world shortly after she is weaned. Callie knows nothing of the world but soon fi nds herself traveling from one place to another, getting into many different situations, and learning to adapt and survive. As Callie travels, she meets a diverse array of humans, some who are good-natured and others who lack even basic humanity.

Callie was born with the gift of nine eyes on the underside of her tail. She embarks on various adventures throughout her story, and her tail eyes become very important to her. Come with Callie on her journeys and discover other mysteries she will uncover about herself.

Meet Sharon Schofill, a retired elementary school teacher from rural eastern North Carolina. She has taken up writing in her free time, focusing on her favorite subject to teach - writing. Her latest piece centers around a feline character named “Callie,” who possesses almost human-like qualities. Through her work, Sharon aims to engage readers and help them appreciate Callie’s unique personality, just as she and her grandson have.

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Pages: 100 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Fiction

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