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Yuri Sura draws from life experiences in his series of 14 poems. This includes

his first publication in poetry, Bay and King, which follows a narrative of the

seemingly clandestine experience at the intersection, in the city of Toronto.

Over the years, Yuri has spent time writing, painting, sculpting, owning a

private architecture business and teaching as a professor of Architectural

Technology. All while having his loving wife and two children.

Yuri Sura holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Toronto as

well as a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Toronto.

Yuri Sura is an associate of the Ontario College of Art where he received

his diploma in painting. He is also a member of the Ontario Association of

Architects and a Member of Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

Original paintings by Yuri Sura, draw out impressionism and symbolism, tied

to his work in sculpting, and writing as well as architecture. Together this forms

the notion of purity in geometric form, paralleling the purity of life experiences

as they are unfolding in that moment. Together the reader will be held through

this encapsulating narrative.

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Genre: Poetry

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