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Author: L. Benedicta


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New Moon is poetry book about renewal. As the sequel to Dark Moon, New Moon is about self-reflection, new beginnings, and expressing gratitude for what was, what is, and what will be. New Moon is about that phase in life where a reset is needed by diving deep into yourself, facing the darkness, and moving forward with good intentions.

It’s about applying the lessons learned from the past without letting it dim your light. Like the moon humans go through phases, but while it may seem dark at times like when the moon is new, it’s an opportunity to start over and grow from the lessons that life has given us.

Prequel: Dark Moon By: L. Benedicta

L. Benedicta is a poet who started writing poetry in high school when she was required to do so as a class assignment. After writing this poem, she noticed that it felt freeing and her passion for poetry began to grow. Currently, Benedicta has written hundreds of poems since that day and is an ambitious poet who finds solace in her art. Poetry has become a passion for Benedicta, for she feels that “poetry is the art of expression through words from the soul, to express one’s soul is to be free.”

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Black & White

Pages: 58 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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