To all the ones I loved...

Author: Ramir Wiggins


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There comes a time when everyone must neglect the past, and

embrace the future. For Nick, this has always been a challenge. It

is hard to foresee a promising future with the trauma of the past

always lingering above. Although there is no cookie cutter replication

of a family or friend, nick has always felt there should be.

However, nobody is perfect, and nothing is forever. Are You willing

to see all of the faults in yourself? Join Nick, as he dismembers his

past to better his future… Letter by letter.

Born November 14, 2000 To Melody and James Wiggins,

Ramir has always been a child of many words but nothing

much to say. With no familiarity of a Peaceful and enduring

intimate relationship, Ramir often had trouble finding his

way to someone who could show him something special.

Like many young adults, heartbreaks are something natural

and inevitable. For him, it never settled that way. Sending

Ramir into a life altering spiral, the only thing he could do

was write down his emotions because expressing them was

never easy. “To all the ones I loved..” tells the tale of your

“everyday” teenage boy trying to find his way through life

with a chip on his shoulder. After a traumatic love affair,

Ramir has to come to terms with his life inside and outside

his relationships, as he tackles subjects such as Manic Depression,

Substance Abuse, And adulthood with everyone who had

made him the person he is, today.

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Pages: 126 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Self-Help

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