Pains In Pleasure

Author: Onyebuchi


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Roland Jr. and Craigland, met in college, made a competitive pact to attain seven figure monetary success by age thirty. Craigland

scaled up the ladders at a fortune 500 company, working alongside his business partner, Phil, while Roland Jr. built up his fortune 500

company, from the ground up.

While in pursuit of their mission, relationships get tested, loyalties questioned, and where secrets are revealed, betrayal ensues. Who

will survive the wrath of Pains in Pleasure?

Onyebuchi was born and raised in Nigeria, where he lived until his migration

to America, at the young age of Six. While in kindergarten, in Nigeria, he realized his

love for the arts after having played the role of an armed bank robber in a school

play. Fifteen years later, with over 800 novels read, his love for storytelling has

intensified, prompting his deep interest in novel writing.

Pains in Pleasure is the first of many novels Onyebuchi has written, and he hopes to one day

elevate the minds and thought process of people when stories and entertainment are at-play.

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Black & White

Pages: 90 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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