Oblivious Minds

Author: Aden Quick


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After every silence, there is an eruption. After every wedding, there is a connection. After every tear, waiting will be a smile. In an order where darkness often dominates, the only weapon we may find is hope, often waiting on the other side. Sing now in this place of drudgery your songs of praise, for waiting at the end of this cavern colored gray, will stand a friend who offers you a place to stay.

I am 18 years old, born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Raised in a predominantly Christian household, I became ill as my parents went through a divorce. Friends of mine began offering corrupt coping methods to numb the pain of a broken home, for how I saw it, it was the only way they had ever known. As I sank deeper into the habits of an addict, I desired only what I could comprehend as, something I had lost long ago. Quite frankly, I never had it. What it was, was peace with my Lord. In the midst of my drug induced binge, I was called by a voice within, telling me to get clean, seek out those in my similar position, and as a shepherd with his sheep, walk with them until the day they are called home, to heaven. I am nothing but a suburban sinner, seeking only what I want and not what I need. In a struggle for soberized living and rehabilitation, I found poetry, music, and friendship to be my weapon. Looking for answers in all the wrong places brought me to a dark place of regret and despair. Only through the Lord's hand was I able to understand, the meaning of life was not money, drugs, fame nor fortune. It was Love.

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Genre: Poetry

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