ZXT. Zombie Extermination Team

Author: Robert Norris


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Z.X.T. Stands for "Zombie Extermination Team". A virologist desperate attempt at a cure accidentally gives humanity the power to push back against the undead and possibly take the planet back. This power comes in the form of what are known as ZXT's. ZXT's are carefully selected soldiers who are given this power and inherit enhanced size, strength, speed, agility etc. This gives them the ability to wield weapons that normal men couldn't and fight zombies by the hordes. Their goal is the elimination of the zombie epidemic and taking the planet back. All this is put in jeopardy when a threat from the past emerges from the darkness with an axe to grind. Humanity must stick together against this next level zombie threat. The war between the living and dead will never be the same.

I'm from New Haven, CT. Just a regular guy who chose not to give up on my dreams. I've also chosen to make my mark on the world by spreading positive and inspiring ideas one story at a time. ZXT is about humanity sticking together no matter what, this saga will display bravery, nobility and honor. I believe when people are in survival mode, you get to learn who those people really are. I truly believe that what you'll learn is that we all have more similarities than differences. Sticking together and believing in one another is the key.

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Pages: 86 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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