In the moments passing by, there is always a wish we deny

Author: Geetanjali Vijayran


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This book is about unconditional love - loving the self, loving God, and loving the life that He gave us. It was written in the aftermath of a phase where I was contemplating suicide. This work is a view from the other side - what happens when you don't kill yourself, but instead pray to the lord God, the Almighty One, and find solace in healing your body, mind, and soul.

Mental illnesses are real and can be debilitating. However, if you love your family and friends, you may choose to stay alive just for them. Suicide kills not only the person, but the entire family and leaves a whole community in shock. Do you want to leave behind pain and suffering? Or would you rather not give up and choose to believe that your pain and suffering has a purpose greater than yourself? Let's face it. Life is hard and survival is challenging; but do you know that this journey can feel blissful with the right amount of love and friendship.

I hope the next few pages help you in understanding how I cope with my mental illness. Try to grasp that your journey is an experience that God wanted you to have. This experience will help you in growing your consciousness, so you may bloom like the spring flower spreading your fragrance around. The fragrance being your joy that you find in your reality. In essence, the glimpses of joy you will have should be sufficient to tackle the pain.

Seek God in all your endeavors!

I am going public with my journal that I maintained in the year 2017 because this journal brings me hope. Every time I am depressed, I read this journal, and it helps me find connection to the self that is closer to God. I sometimes experience spiritual death - a phase in your spiritual journey where you lose connection with God. This journal guides me during difficult times, and I thought sharing it with others may guide them as well. It is a work of prose and poetry. I am sure you will have fun reading the script as much as I had fun writing it. My bipolar diagnosis allows me to be creative in phases and let's call it "a gift of expression." I still struggle personally, but staying connected to the universe helps. I am currently reading the Bible and trying out conscious suffering in Christ to overcome my pain. If God brought me to this, God has the power to carry me through this and into the world of light - where I can be free. Free from my suffering, free from my inhibitions, and free from my shame. I wish you also can learn from my journey and find GOD and peace. Remember, if you find yourself alone in your struggles, you ought to turn inwards and talk to Lord, the Almighty One. Build your personal relationship with God. Surround yourself with people who help you do that. Be victorious and live life!! God is kind.

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