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This inspirational letter is a letter I wrote while in detox. The letter is allegorical. The letter is a breakup letter to my DOC (drug of choice).

Our DOC as an addict become very much like a relationship where we depend on our addiction as if it was a person. We become emotionally and physically dependent on our DOC and this is a letter written about breaking up that relationship. As addicts many of us carry history from our past that still has not been dealt with which leads to addiction to suppress our pain and suffering. This is the letter that ends this addictive relationship.

I learned about addiction from a very young age. Alcohol was always around me as I grew up and easily accessible. As time passed I became more interested in alcohol and the effects it may have on me since I was used to seeing many family members and friends drinking and having good times. To me it seemed like it was something fun to do. I began drinking at the age of 12. As time passed I began to drink more and also experimented with other drugs. Between the ages of 20-40 I drank regularly. From the age of 40-46 I was now a alcoholic fully depending on my alcohol from morning till night. I woke up one morning disgusted with myself as I looked in the mirror and decided it was time I enter a detox wellness Center. I had to put an end to this relationship before it killed me. Today I am sober.

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