Emilie's Miraculous Birth: God, not Science is the Ultimate Source of Knowledge

Author: Edy Laraque


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A dying dehydrated pregnant lady in labor is kept alive by the diverse team of professionals of the Doctors without Borders clinic located in Nepal’s impoverished North-Western region. In a grueling cow-like delivery, the mother gives birth to a baby boy and still carries a twelve-year-old fetus likely to die in her didelphys uterus. By the wonders of medical science and in a climate of international diplomatic conflicts, a team of experts gives birth to Emilie, the curled-up tadpole and performs multiple surgeries, organ transplants and physiotherapy to create a human body for the Miracle Girl. An Awards Ceremony is held to celebrate the Nobel Prize winning team. Crowned by the Elder during a colorful cultural ceremony by the Nepalese delegation, Queen Emilie stuns the scientific community with an appeal to humility with her message to stop behaving like gods, to acknowledge God as the ultimate source of knowledge and to submit to the Almighty’s wills

Edy Laraque spent his happy youth in his native mountainous island of Haiti, where he completed in 1971 his high school education. He earned in Montreal, Canada his bachelor degree in engineering in 1978 and his MBA degree in 1994. After a professional career in the metal and construction industries, he retired from managing industrial companies. He invests himself fully in his lifelong passion of writing.
His first book "Monologues At Boutillier" was published in both French and English in 2017. Edy and his friend, A. Vertulie Vincent published in 2017 "Princesse Tulie" (in French). He completed the writing of this fictitious Novel, "Emilie's Miraculous Birth" in September 2019, a masterpiece which illustrates the existential confl ict between God and Science. He has few other on-going projects: "Summer Captive in Canada", "The Son of Passion", "The Survival from Apocalypse" and few others...

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Pages: 412 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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