Their True Intentions

Author: Jor'nea L. Armand


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Life is full of surprises as you travel through my mind you will find that things aren’t as rosy as a set of red cheeks in the winter time but you will encounter the twist and tangles of a young girl coming into womanhood learning that being a loyal lovable trustworthy person means absolutely nothing especially to the wrong type of people getting the bumps and bruises that come with this journey has started some flame’s cutting deep to inflict the pain as if they were using butcher knives to cut out a difficult frame of course time is needed to heal and she continues to move forward and not stand still but face of life without giving clues and continue to move forward and do exactly what she needs to do now feeling unstoppable and riding solo fighting this battle until it’s won there isn’t a time frame just know it’s done.

Growing up anywhere in this world is hard no matter where you come from but life as we know it isn’t easy I have made several mistakes and I have failed a lot of task but I have also passed just as many so the reality of it is that no matter what came or didn’t go through I stood strong held on to my faith and continue to move forward, doing whatever it took for me to do, my life isn’t over it’s just beginning and I can’t wait to see what’s next you never think good people get hurt but they do and it’s painful and sad what we go through because of the golden hearts that we possess and because of the fact that we stay true we accept you go out of our ways and do whatever we need to do and when the table flips they up and vanish without a Trace or a clue it is sad but yes these things are true but just remember this when that messes over with go back to loving you because there is no one that can love you the way you truly do be blessed.

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