The Between

Author: Julia DiCambio


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Celia’s life is quickly turned upside down when her mother becomes terribly sick with no chance of survival. She refuses to accept that her mother will soon die, as many others around her have, and so begins a journey to save her mother. Celia had heard tales of a witch doctor who lived in the Forbidden Forest near her home, and so she sets out to meet this witch doctor in hopes that they can save her mother. When she finds the witch doctor, she is instead gifted with the ability to see between the invisible veil that separates her and those who have passed. This prompts the girl into a journey of self-discovery and learning where everything she once thought she knew to be true about life and death is turned upside down. By overcoming various obstacles and meeting different characters, the girl is able to learn the meaning of life and death and the polarity that exists between. In the end, she must face death in hopes of seeing her mother again.

Julia DiCambio is a writer and artist from Newport Beach, California. After graduating from Loyola University of Chicago, Julia began writing. She delves deep into her spiritual practice through reiki, yoga, and meditation to constantly seek truth and inspiration for her work. The Between is her first book.

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Black & White

Pages: 172 | Trim Size: 5x8

Genre: Fiction

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