Shattered Into Pieces: The Broken Mirror

Author: LALA


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This book that you about to read comes from a woman telling her story of the pain she experienced and the love she thought she had. I have seen people in this world go through different types of traumas that all started off from their childhood lifestyle that led them to be in situations like this one.

I wrote this book from the bottom of my heart because I wanted to share my story with others, I wanted to be able to let the people in the world know what I experienced in the time of my storm. I realized that it’s someone out there who needs help in healing and breaking free, so I decided to write a book called shattered into pieces because everything I went through, I was so broken in pieces I was fragile, I was depressed, I lost myself in the time of pain. I want to be able to help others by writing this book, telling them my story, telling them what happen to me, telling them how I overcame this, giving them encouraging words, testimony, prayer and more.

What makes me and my book interesting is because I’m actually opening up about my life, showing people that I am not afraid to tell my story. I learned in my life that instead of walking around being silent i can share my story with other’s to help them face whatever obstacles their going through. Letting them know you are not alone, you are not the only person who has been where you are. My goal is to help people heal and break free so that they can live again within themselves. This book has change me in so many ways it taught me how to love myself and forgive myself but most important stop putting the blame on me. I came from nothing and now look at me I’m standing tall firm on the rock not giving up because i have a purpose to fulfill. I believe this book will touch millions of people from across the nation and people will come forth sharing they story. Every storm has a testimony so when you come out of the storm you can be able to tell your story.

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Pages: 68 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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