The Gyro's Game ; The Brotherhood of Stone Series Second Chronicle

Author: Octavier B Barnes


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Rylie and Arthish leave the School in hopes to find a safe haven for them to rest and grow stronger. However, in their travels they quickly begin to see the grotesque reality that is man. Being hunted by bounty hunters and forced to have death matches in this sick game, who’ll say that anyone will make it out alive. Even more unusual than the events Art and Rye find themselves forced into, are the absolutely strange and almost lunatic-like people they encounter. Some rather harmless in their own right. Others, quake the earth as they walk. With such a strange phenomenon in such an unknown place, how could they ever expect to win this sick game.

A game in which invites only the most intelligent and strong people of the world. From all walks of life, they come. Heroic soldiers and commanders to petty thieves and wanted men. Warrior tribe members, cultists, secret groups of assassins and even secluded hermits. They all leave their home to participate in this Gyros Game, this guards game.

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Black & White

Pages: 720 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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