I Couldn't Articulate It, So I Wrote It Down: A collection of poetry and unfiltered thoughts

Author: Aaliyah Tardio


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This poetry book is a collection that I have been writing down on paper, my poetry journal, notes app—basically anywhere and everywhere whenever I had an overwhelming thought or emotion that needed to be released from my body and put somewhere. I found comfort in poetry. It has always come naturally to me and provides me with the serotonin I need to keep navigating this life. It’s a coping mechanism I developed and found that worked for me—that didn’t damage myself or other’s within my emotional blast radius. I have BPD. In recent months, I have began attempting to meld my mind into perceiving my mental health wounds as superpowers. This book is for me and anyone else who struggles with their own brains. I’m so happy you’re still here and reading these words in this moment.

Aaliyah Tardio (she/her) is a proud Italian-American Black woman from Germany, Italy, and Texas. As a current senior in the BFA Theatre Program at Texas State University, Aaliyah hopes to pursue a meaningful and fulfilling career in art ranging from acting in television and film or theatre to publishing novels—all while helping create beautiful stories and amplifying and elevating those who are not often heard or understood. Art is the base of soul and a language everyone understands in her eyes, and she wishes to exist in it for the rest of her life. This is her graduation present to herself for making it this far in life.

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beautiful, raw, honest, 10/10!! <3

aaliyah has such a beautiful yet powerful way of articulating her words through these pages. her vulnerability gives us the reassurance that we are not alone. i adore the way some pieces include passages ranging from multiple pages, to some consisting of just a few words. her writing is so powerful and you should ABSOLUTELY give this a read!

by Anthony Ezell

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Pages: 120 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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