The Wrong Side of The Street - The Intimate Story Of An African American Family’s History; Reaching Out To Heal And Bridge The Gaps From The Past For The Hopes Of The Future

Author: Jewel Creswell-Rollins


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The Wrong Side of the Street - written to Awaken A Silent Tradition Exemplifies the walk of each Black family through their accomplishments, pains, and wonders. The black family has experienced much since slavery; Here we see the struggles we overcame, the details of our survival, the warmth, the secrets, betrayals, business sense, fears, prayer life, discrimination, Miracles, and Yes, The Love. This book shows you different characters and how they dealt. Stories so Familiar it will feel like a soul’s reunion. What if we forgot from which we came? Would we fall back even further? Perhaps the higher forces have something better in mind. Here we will give you a foundation from the past, to help you become the new you. This adventurous true story is a mustread for any and every black family. As the timing of this book is perfect for such a time as this.

Jewel, a Chicago native stood out from the crowd by choosing the high road over the popular. Jewel coming from a solid foundation, & strong upbringing, had no choice, but to be a lady. Jewel has a special place in her heart for her race as she was exposed to racism at school and even in the family. Jewel stayed grounded in murky times due to her relationship with the Lord. The Lord blessed her with many gifts; prophetic dreams, discernment, and hospitality to name a few... Giving her a special sight to see things as they were and not how they appeared. Gifts so strong it would be a waste to attempt lying to her. This exceptional perception to connect details gave her the insight to pick up on things, it helped her to lay poetic words; leading her into the life of authorism. Jewel Creswell-Rollins a Jewel indeed.

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Black & White

Pages: 280 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Autobiography

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