Everyone Can Dream - Always Dare To Dream

Author: Dr. Chantele Mitchell-Miland


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Have you ever dreamed about doing something or being someone amazing but as you learn more about it, you start to wonder if you can really do it? If you have then this book is for you. In this book, a young girl fantasizes about what it would be like to be in outer space. Join her and her mom as they explore her dream and how she can accomplish it. Whether you’re a child or an adult reading along, you will find great seeds of inspiration as you join our young dreamer on her journey to explore what it means to nurture a dream.

Dr. Chantele Mitchell-Miland is an Epidemiologist, a researcher, an author, and a dreamer who continues to believe in the power nurturing dreams. Her childhood dreams have led her to a career where she develops programs and research methods to improve individual’s experiences in the work environment. In all of her efforts, she seeks to inspire others to nurture their dreams. Dr. Mitchell-Miland also authors a blog titled, Always Dare to Dream. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she continues to nurture her own dreams and those of her two children, David and Ramon.

Ramon Miland is Dr. Mitchell-Miland’s youngest son. He is currently a high school senior with aspirations of developing interdisciplinary video games that offer engaging pedagogical methods to enhance learning. Mr. Miland is also an artist, musician, martial arts tricker, and video game designer. He enjoys constantly challenging himself to learn new things and engage in new experiences. By following his passions, Mr. Miland hopes to invoke critical thinking and a love of learning.

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Genre: Juvenile

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