This Isn’t You

Author: Addison Jones


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This Isn’t You is the story of a young girl’s battle against Anorexia Nervosa. Addi’s journey fighting for her life left her hopeless and angry. This eating disorder robbed her of much more than her weight and BMI number; it robbed her of her joy, relationships, and thoughts. After two years of losing out on her desired life, she was ready to give up. But she didn’t. These words are written in hopes that others may know they are not alone and that those voices in your head; they are not you.

I am that girl. Addison Jones. I grew up in a small town in West Michigan where summers were full of color and winters were pale but pretty. Life was simple. My body was not a concern. When I developed an eating disorder, my world changed. Those bright colors started to dull, and my happiness disappeared. After those two years of fighting, I hit rock bottom with a heavy desire on my heart. Through my tears and trembling, I knew my story needed to be told. Now here I am, giving you a piece of me I never thought I would. If you take anything away from these words today, I hope it’s that you know how truly loved you are.

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Pages: 116 | Trim Size: 5x8

Genre: Self-Help

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