Officer Daddies : Jackson, Wesley, and Trent

Author: Christine Aster


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Wesley's mother controls his life and it's making him miserable. She insists that he behaves as a man of his status and that means being the best and marrying well. Unable to be true to himself he has been acting like a brat, and when a sexy police officer tells him he needs a spanking, he's more than happy to let him. But what happens when it's over? Will he leave like everyone else, or can Wesley convince him to be his Daddy?

Jackson can admit he's tired of hook ups and looking to settle down, but he hasn't found the right boy. Until he finds Wesley crying backstage at a concert. When he realizes this boy needs his love and discipline, he won't let anyone, even Wesley's own mother stop him from being his Daddy.

Trent has been in love with his best friend since the beginning, but they are too alike. Two doms just won't work. Maybe if they have the right boy to share? Wesley is the perfect fit, but can Trent tell Jackson how he feels without ruining their friendship?

Just when it feels like everything is coming together for them, Wesley's mother does something unthinkable to stop her son from ruining his reputation. Can they save him before she moves him out of their reach?

This story is a M/M/M with a cute little who likes to wear pretty things including panties and makeup, a daddy dom, and a dom who might be a switch. There is no cheating, but the characters do come together at different times. There are no cliff hangers and a guaranteed HEA.

This is the second in the Officer Daddies series and they are best read in order.


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Black & White

Pages: 308 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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