The Red Reborn

Author: John Hendrix


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In a world where the earth is dying, and humanity’s last hope seems out of reach! A brilliant doctor by the name of Herbert Bradshaw would seemingly swoop in to save everyone by giving them inhuman abilities after creating a particle that can rewrite your genetic code. After loosely fixing the problem at hand, Bradshaw would face many new problems created by his one “solution.”

The world would fall into chaos as people began to freely use their powers for their own purposes. This in turn leads to the creation of an evil force called The Red. The struggle for power between Bradshaw and this being is always at a constant, and everyone seems to be in the crossfire!

Will evil prevail and the brilliance of Doctor Bradshaw catch up with him? Read and find out in “The Red Reborn!”

John Hendrix is a boy from a small town, and his creativeness knows no bounds. Currently at the age of 19, John have just freshly graduated from high school. His dream has always been to use his creative talent for a purpose, whether it be drawing or typing.

John is looking forward to start a wonderful new adventure, and maybe even one day he can stand with the writers he used to look up to!

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Black & White

Pages: 326 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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