To House A Mouse

Author: Caleb Miller


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A mouse, the lowliest of the creatures, finds himself waylaid in a foreboding place, one that neither welcomes him nor wishes for his presence: the home of humans. The mouse - even by staying quiet, and taking only the unwanted scraps from the family - has earned the ire of the father of the home in particular, and the mouse's sneaky aptitude to living in this way angers the man to no end. He is caught between the fire and the smoke, however, for as it is, not even the outside world from where he came wants him back. His only hope is to stay quiet...

With this book, I wish to give children and parents something to share that is equally innocent and mature. We have all, despite our ages, been the mouse in someone else's home - unwanted, unappreciated, hated - but we have also been the man to someone else's mouse - uncaring, hurtful, distant; so, because of this, we can relate to both parties. I have known this in my own life, and I hope to share that feeling with everyone else. My goal for you, the readers: be a mouse! and be a home too!

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Pages: 28 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Juvenile

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