mr. koe

Author: Donald C. Brewer


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Mr. Koe. This sometimes humorous yet important short fictional story written in an unorthodox format just to add flavor, that everyone with kids, every adult, every young person, and everyone planning on having kids must read. It tells the plight of Kotero Harris. It reflects on Kotero’s goofy teenage high school days and his experience growing up in the hood in Chicago. Kotero’s story involves love, bullying and how that reflects on his relationships with the opposite sex. It deals with betrayal and how he deals with the demons that try to take over his soul. throughout the story it gets involved with the conception of his seven illegitimate offspring. It ultimately ends up with the spirit of his deceased mother coming back to enlighten him to the true meaning of life, love and what God expects from us and what we should expect from God. This short story puts you in the mind of urban classics like Cooley High, Boyz n the Hood and Juice all rolled up into one, infused with the most believable spiritual encounter you have ever had in your entire life.

Donald C. Brewer was born on the south side of Chicago, IL. In what was considered the hood. Donald attended the M. L. King High School on the south side of Chicago. He also attended Kennedy- King Junior College and

Columbia College in Chicago. Because of medical reasons he was forced into early retirement from his career as a hardware technician. A career that he obtained a multitude of certifications in, including his A+ certification.

During his retirement the Covid 19 Pandemic emerged. Donald remembering a story he had started writing many years ago picked the pen and paper back up and continued writing Mr. Koe.

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Pages: 112 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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