Harsh Whispers from the Past

Author: Anna Saville


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This story, is a retelling of my abuse and traumas. It is the story of my

life, the story that explains the situations I put myself in, but became

trapped by. It is my form of justice, it is my way of exposing my

abusers, and not only that, but hopefully teaching others, that they

have a voice, and if they cannot find it, if they cannot find the strength

to scream, then I will do it for them. These issues have been pushed

aside for too long, our voices, my voice, deserves to be heard. That

little girl inside of me, deserves to be heard.

My name is A. M. Scarlett, I grew up in a Midwest suburban town,

where the most fun we had was going to Walmart, getting sheetz, and

then going for a drive. A town over run with oversized trucks and

potholes everywhere. I am a survivor, I have faced bullies, abusers,

suicide attempts, and a long list of mental illness, and this series of

poems, is just a glimpse into those thoughts and feelings.

These poems are in-depth descriptions of what chemical imbalances

truly feel like, and they are poems with equally as descriptive depictions

of real abuse.

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This book is such a sorry excuse for a “victim” novel. I have never read something more disgusting and untrue than this book. It takes away from those that were actually manipulated and abused in relationships and sheds a light into why real victims are never listened to. I hope this never gets out to the actual public and is deleted and/or taken down. You are such a hypocrite for writing this book when everyone knows you are the problem and always have been no matter what fantasy you may have created in your head. Absolutely disgusted. You think you’re a writer? Think again. You will never be a successful writer if this is what you think people want to read. If a pity party is what you’re looking for sorry to say that is not what you’ll get with this book. Funny how you don’t realize there is two sides to every story. Have you ever thought why people don’t particularly like you is because of how you twist their words and actions into something that is completely untrue and is in fact either made up in your delusional mind or is what you did? I hope you never find success as a writer, in fact I know you won’t because the last thing people want to read about is some girl who thinks her life and issues are so much bigger than everybody else’s especially when that girl is you. Everybody knows that you have never struggled even nearly as much as others and you are so entitled and ignorant for thinking so. You should leave the past in the fucking past and you are not a “bad bitch” for writing a book of lies. Also, the amount of plagiarism in this book is absolutely hilarious. You want to be a writer? You should know the first step to doing so is using your own unique writing instead of stealing it from other creators/writers. Grow the fuck up Anna, aren’t you supposed to be an adult by now? Move the fuck on and stop living in the past. No one from your past has wanted anything to do with you for the past 2 years. Get over it and burn this sorry excuse for a book. You think you’re so high, quirky, mighty and mature now? Obviously you aren’t if you wrote a book about it. -1000/5 stars.

by Melanie

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