Maxi Saves the Forests

Author: Mary Smith


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Maxi faces more than a few challenges in this book. After he just gets comfortable living in his kingdom with his queen, Goldie. Maxi was visited by his friend the wolf during his and Goldie's outing, when he was advised the forest is in danger from the red wolves in both the Enchanted Forest and the Black Woods Forest. Maxi used his own army, King John's and Queen Victoria's armies along with all abled animals to prepare for a battle with the red wolves, who were overtaking the forests and controlling and abusing the peaceful creatures living there. Maxi's army won the battle with the help of the magic trees and took the remaining red wolves to the mountain forest, which is theirs now to rule and occupy. Maxi visits King John, returns his army, and discuses the details of the battle, the victory. He then visits the Queen Victoria and returns her army. She wants to know what happened, and Maxi tells her the story of the battle to removing the red wolves from their own forest on the mountain. After getting Sunset to come with him to the Enchanted Forest, Maxi finds out they in fact were not red wolves but rather Changelings. And when Maxi, Dark Cloud and the changelings go to the mountain forest, they were cleared of being a part of the pack of red wolves; they became Maxi's allies, being in a human form. After returning the changelings home, past Ventura, he returned to King John's castle to see his wife and son. After spending some time at King John's, Maxi and Goldie return home with the prince to the Ventura castle. They had to rush back To Ventura as Maxi found out the ex-king is scheming to take the castle from Maxi. Upon returning, Maxi caught the ex-king lounging and acting like the bad king he was, while other prisoners were working, so he moved the ex-king to the dungeon in the basement of the castle, disregarding his pleading and crying. The way Maxi ran the kingdom, the castle was operating very well and the people were extremely happy with their new King and Queen, but especially the new Prince. Even the prisoners were not complaining and quite content being in their situation. They did not lack for anything.

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Pages: 56 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Juvenile

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