Author: Juaneetah Perry


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There was a couple who was once in love. They did everything together. Then secrets started and the girl started to speak to someone on social media. She eventually found out the man from the internet was her boyfriend's brother. She did not tell her boyfriend she was talking to him. She found out that he was her boyfriend brother. When she found that out, she tried to stop speaking to him but the man was a stalker and he was not going to stop. He raped her one night and she ended up pregnant because she was so disgusted she made it seem like the baby was her boyfriend. The baby came and she became insane, her boyfriend became her husband. Her daughter was born but as she grew up she became crazy. When she turned ten years old she killed her mom because her mom killed her biological dad. As she got older her dad that’s been there since day one turned her in to the mental hospital where she thought she was in love with a doctor who was not a doctor but someone that can destroy her life. Her dad finally comes to get her and sent her off to college.

I am a working mother of two. I been writing since I was in the fifth grade. Writing is my passion. I write poems, songs, and now books. I usually write about things about my life. I wanted to try something different so I wrote this book because I know things like this book can happen in real life. There is so many people out here that may need to know that they are not alone. Anything can happen in life but it’s up to you if you let the darkness control you or you let it go right pass you.

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Pages: 50 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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