These Chapters

Author: Cayley Harden


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This is a short poetry book awaiting a series. The first book of

many is called “These Chapters” and in this book, I write about

many subjects; from the struggles of the pandemic to personal

battles. This goes over the time of about a year and a half, only

really picking at the surface of what is to come. After writing this,

I didn’t change the structure of the poems to show the growth in

the process. It includes some local poets who posted one to two

poems each at the end of the book. There are some elements of

suicide, depression, and anxiety. While also showing the exciting,

light-hearted, and eventful parts of life.

Hi, I’m Cayley, born Dec 24th, 2004. I’m a writer of poetry, love

and any form of expression. I want to reach anyone who seems

they can’t make their dreams come true; someone courageous and

passionate looking for inspiration. Hoping to become a great

writer and influence along the way, learning new things every day.

Right now, I am in my junior year of high school planning on a

career in massage therapy. This will be my first published book.

If I am dedicated to something I’ll make it happen, that is why

you’re reading this.

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Pages: 64 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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