Brent Cosmos : A Hero’s Quest

Author: Brent Wise


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 On the fantastical planet of Fury, there are many wondrous and powerful beings. Some kind and benevolent, and some malicious and cruel. When it comes to good and evil there has always been a balance. However there is one person on Fury who takes that balance to a whole new level. Meet Brent Cosmos, the last of the Cosmos family, Fury's greatest heroes for generations.

Brent is exactly like his other heroic ancestors. That is mainly because while his father was a Cosmos, his mother was an evil space alien who loved nothing more than to cause chaos and suffering wherever she went. Well, you know what they say, you can't choose your family. Despite his unfortunate heritage, Brent still tries his best to be a great hero like his father and all of the other Cosmoses before him.

Although, being literally 50% evil makes that difficult at times. Still despite his violent tendencies, mean spirited nature, and destructive instincts, Brent will always try his best. That counts for something right? Join Brent Cosmos and his friends on an epic and action-packed adventure as they fight monsters, super villains, and Brent's deep-seated personal issues!

Growing up, writing was something that I was always told that I was good at. Whether it was my parents or my teachers, they always told me that I had a natural gift. Even my friends told me that I was a great story teller. The thing is, I never really had the confidence to truly write before. I only ever wrote out of necessity due to school assignments and things like that. This book will truly be my first attempt at writing for myself. How it turns out will be up to fate. I always loved super heroes growing up, but then again heroes are all pretty much the same when you think about it. They do what's right, they save the day, and they get the glory. Brent Cosmos is different. He feels like he doesn't fit the while hero formula no matter how hard he tries. All he wants is to be accepted. My Brent Cosmos stories are about a young boy's struggle through life as he tries to find his way. There's the whole superhero thing too but that's really beside the point.

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Black & White

Pages: 180 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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