Drowning in You

Author: Caroline Justice


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Drowning in You tells the story of Oliver Miller, a college student who is just delving into the different aspects of his sexuality. He meets Raven Weber, a loner who has made his peace with his homosexuality, and comes face to face with what being gay might mean for him. They go through many ups and downs in their relationship as they deal with the entirety of coming out. All while trying to deal with jealousy and romantic rivals. The closer he becomes to him the more he becomes intuned with his sexuality and realizes that it's more than friendship that he wants from Raven.

I was raised in a very conservative household where everything, even music, was regulated I was sheltered and "good" for the longest time; but as I grew older I could tell I wanted certain things. I loved too read, probably because that was one of the things that wasn't strictly regulated, and as I read I was drawn to romance. I loved the idea of being loved, and loving someone else just as fiercely. I have now found that long searched for love in my fiancé and we now have two children who I love more than anything. That desire to give and receive love fuels my writing. I hope to write a book that makes you laugh aloud while reading, makes you cry, and makes your heart pang with overwhelming emotion as you experience the lives of the characters. And I hope that everyone gets a taste of that long sought after love.

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Black & White

Pages: 154 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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