Life With Parole

Author: Janelle Antoinette


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At the age of six, Janelle hated her blood so much that she wanted to do heavy damage to her body. She hated the fact that she was related to a rapist, better known as the man who helped bring her into this world-her own father. She experienced her first sexual encounter with her father at six years old and was brave enough at eight years old to have her father punished and sentenced to life with parole. Her life only took a turn for the worst as a teenager-committing crimes, going in and out of jail, and the emotional denial of rape. The experience ruined her and she failed to realize how it was shattering her behavior and life.

She still suffers the emotional pain and is still healing daily. She was the innocent victim of a violent crime and sadly, the reaction to her personal trauma came with a price that she had to pay.

Janelle Antoinette Ford was born and raised in Boston, MA. She is a single mother of three who has battled depression and PTSD due to the sexual abuse she experienced as a child. She finds comfort in writing poems, songs, and speaking with other survivors about abuse. She is currently writing a self-help book on different ways to overcome childhood molestation and the warning signs that your

children may give.

Her passion is dedicated to survivors of sexual abuse and letting them know that they are not alone in this world. She is a determined mom, searching high and low to help educate the community about sexual abuse and the impact it has on victims and survivors. When she is not writing, she's spending time with her children who have helped shaped her life in becoming a better person.

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