Here and Not There

Author: Ana Radeboldti


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Chaya Margolis is a sensitive and creative girl. She says the right thing, does the right things for everyone else. She lives for the stories that she is always writing because the world she creates shelters her from all the pain and disappointment she experienced as a child.

Chaya has a secret. She seems to not only be at ease in her story world, but in the world of the dead. Suddenly, along came these dead spirits who put her on trial for not walking among the living. What verdict will they bring forth? Will Chaya survive having them excavate what she has tried so hard to keep buried? Or will the dead teach her how to live?

An American Writer with a World perspective. Ana Radeboldti started writing at seven years old and has been writing ever since. Her original stories gleaned from her life; growing up in a small tight-knit family in Flatbush were a source of entertainment for her classmates. As an English major in College, the works of Theodore Dreiser, Toni Morrison, and Alice Walker served as inspirations for her desire to keep writing. She always believed American Literature did not receive its proper place in the literary world and made American Literature Authors her writing mentors. After graduation, she pursued her passion for teaching by earning a M.S. in Special Education and achieving a Professional Diploma in School District Administration. 

As an avid reader, she often dreamed of visiting places her favorite authors wrote about. When the opportunity arose for her to move to Israel, she did so, twice. While living in the land of Israel, Ana seized the opportunity to get to familiarize herself with its history, culture, and to strengthen her Jewish connections. She taught in International schools in Kuwait, South Korea, Mexico D.F., and schools in South Carolina, New York City, and New York State.  Readers of Faye Kellerman, Molly Harper, Mary Kay Andrews, and Naomi Ragen will recognize how their unique writing style influenced her own. She speaks Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, and Yiddish and lives in Chester, New York with her turtle Donnatelo. She has a son who serves in The United States Navy and three grandchildren.

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Pages: 252 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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