City of Silence

Author: Alexander Bird


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Patrick Gold, born in rural England, grows up neglected with a rough childhood. As times begin to change, Patrick decides to leave his insular childhood farm at a young age. Despite eventually finding stardom in the form of diplomacy, Patrick Gold yearns for more.

Ambassador Patrick Gold arrives in the city of Yoriah, untouched by the Western world since 1945. Due to its annexation by the Soviet Union, Yoriah, the former city of Berlin, has vanished from the political sphere. With its independence recently achieved, Patrick Gold succumbs to his ambition and chases this new prospect of success. However, he unmasks a misleading facade hiding the grotesque and abhorrent nature of Yoriah. When no help seems to be existent, Ambassador Patrick Gold takes the responsibility of change. Choosing ethics over orders, Patrick begins a revolution in the hopes of freeing Yoriah from the Mountain and its corruption. Can Patrick Gold overcome the Cycle of Yoriah, or will his dream be swept away by the storm of fate?

My name is Alexander Bird. I was born in Rockville, Maryland but moved to Charleston, South Carolina at a young age. Pursuing a dream of mine, I decided to write this novel as a way of overcoming doubt and bringing myself inward happiness. I do not necessarily yearn for success from this novel; simply, I wish to exhibit my passion to a larger audience and explore my aspirations. I hope that the symbolism and meaning of City of Silence can be understood and related to by all readers.

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Black & White

Pages: 198 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Fiction

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