A Guardian Angel Sent From Above

Author: Monique Ngobeh-Velasquez


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One faithful day God requested one of his sons to come speak to him. Elijah said, “yes father you requested my presence” God spoke and said yes, my son I have in assignment for you would you like me to pursue with the conversation? Elijah said yes of course then Jesus spoke and said your assignment is a young woman by the name of Tamar and she is losing faith in me. Elijah said Jesus why is she losing faith in you? Jesus responded because Tamar lost her parents a long time ago.

Dear Readers,

 Let me introduce myself my name is Monique Ngobeh-Velasquez. I am thirty-six-years-old a beautiful Black woman. Born in Cleveland, Ohio finish growing up in Northern, VA. I have one amazing child who is 6 and he is my whole world. Also, I have a husband who also is my whole world we have 7 years together married. I am a huge believer in Christ, and I am deep into the bible. Something that you might want to know about me I love tattoos I have about 5 tattoos on my body, I am a huge fan of audible books on my down time I am writing Christian novels. My favorite color is yellow and purple.

I also want to take the time out to thank: God first and foremost my parents and my sibling also my husband for believing in my dream he inspired me to write a book. Secondly, I want to thank a group of ladies: Tammy C., Kirsten L., Monica S., Claudia L., Courtney G.,

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Pages: 50 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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