She Is Black

Author: Patrice S.A. Scott


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She Is Black is a what I would describe as the “very Best version of Black women”. It speaks volume about the overwhelming circumstances Black women face and the challenges that will surface as each of us walk this journey called life. Yet we are headstrong and magical. This book is unapologetically raw, unbiased and particularly a very finite composition of my own beliefs, opinion and personal experiences. It’s a fluid repose of the Black woman’s soul and the strength that is sometimes stifled, by our own minds. It’s about our drive, our talents and how extraordinary we stand. It’s a guide for Black women. A light for the Strong, and for those who are still trying to find their strengths. It’s for the younger generation of beautiful black queens, who are unable to see their beauty through their own eyes. It’s for all of us who are still creating our paths and still dreaming of endless possibilities. Note to self, and as a phenomenal Black woman, never stop dreaming. Don’t be afraid to start over. They might tell you starting over is for the weak hearted who are easy to give up. Starting over shows how strong you are, powering through your pain and turning that agony into something beautiful. It’s not about how far you’ve come but how much further your willing to go. Go beyond the clouds. Aim higher than the stars, you are resilient and brave. Be Proud that you are woman, be proud that you are BLACK.

Born in May of 1988, in a small town called Lucea, in the Parish of Hanover. Located on the Beautiful island of Jamaica. Patrice Stacy-Ann Scott grew up in Orange Bay , Hanover, Jamaica with both Parents and sibling brothers. Patrice , is a first time author. Who enjoys writing in her leisure time and reading motivational books. She is keen on women empowerment and focused on self awareness and mental health. When she’s not crafting or sharpening her skills as a writer. Patrice also enjoys listening to music, or cooking up a storm of her favorite traditional meals and just simply having a great time with friends. She’s always open to learning and meeting people from all walks of life.

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Pages: 110 | Trim Size: 5x8

Genre: Inspirational

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