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Nedar is recovering from a ruthless famine stealing the breath away from the young and old. King Divine had dragged them from the dismal fate of starvation, but had found himself in a new field of desolation. A perpetual storm of frost loomed ahead and inched forward; the river dividing Nedar from the Frostbound region was the sole barrier between them and the chill’s apathetic touch. No one would survive the frost as it decimated the last few crops digging their way out of the harsh dirt. King Divine is growing older and must name a successor swiftly, and there is only one that he trusts more than himself. His daughter Clemency Divine, a charismatic optimist, already won the heart of the masses with her kindness. She reluctantly will fight for the title from her brother Konadrin- a warmongering brute only wishing to wreak havoc on those who stand in the way of expansion. In Nedar, to become a royal one must undertake a series of trials testing mental and physical prowess. Their brother perished attempting the same trials a year earlier. King Divine offered an immense fortune to those who would watch the trails while she took  the five day journey to the Temple. Several adept venturers took the offer. Despite the pressure amounting, she had faith she could mend the damage. However, a nightmare stalked her amidst the haze of the frigid fog. It has seen her bright silhouette with its hollow eyes. Deep down where a soul once resided, it felt Clemency’s blood coursing through her. The animosity enveloped her soul and threatened to smother the fire burning within her. Will she scorch the hand closing in or be snuffed out like a candle? The stalker walked in her shadow for too long. It would see the light again even if it had to cut her down. Mercy is for those not dragged down by the crown.

My name is Alex Faircloth, and I am a premed student enthralled by the subject of life and death.

The duality of one’s frailty contrasted by their resilience displayed through every endeavor they

encounter and master. Always near the edge of death but just a bit faster. Even when they lose

they are not dead making them live in another way others can’t dream. I am devoting my life to

counter fate’s intentions with my own intervention. I have volunteered in a hospice providing

me authentic experiences with pain and loss. Empathy stems from misery and joy alike. I found

shocking revelations during my time and clarity from the people celebrating the lives they lived.

They were genuinely happy, and that inspired me. I became a second degree black belt in Korean

martial arts under ninth degree black belt grandmaster Song Hong. I was a much weaker fighter

starting off, and had many wounds and moments where I wanted to quit, but I endured twice

the amount I needed to, for I had purpose. I know the human body is a machine capable of

augmenting itself and improving overtime regardless of how feeble we are starting off. This story

brings a lesson to life for those who think they can’t grow past what their limit was supposed to be.

For those who don’t think they can rise from the ashes of mistakes out of their control.

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Pages: 414 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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